2012 & my vow of clamor

18 Jan

Let me start my very first post by saying, I love blogs. I love blogs about food, I love blogs about fashion, I love blogs about travel, you name it–I follow a blog about it. It wasn’t until I subscribed to my eleventy millionth blog that I started wondering if I could do it. I was never one to keep journals or diaries (I was, however, one to buy journals or diaries and never use them.. they look pretty on my bookshelf), but maybe blogging will be different.

So with the new year I have decided to take a vow of clamor. I’m hoping that this vow will make me feel as though I have to write…kinda the way paying for a personal trainer makes me feel like I have to work out. We shall see, sister girls and brother boys.

What are your resolutions??


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