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monday songs

18 Jun

I am so not a morning person, especially not a MONDAY morning person! However, I have found that the right music can make jumping into the work week a little less painful. Here are the songs that are stroking my weekend-hangover:

“Easy Way Out” –Gotye (if you’re still listening to Somebody that I Used to Know…stop, and listen to this)

“Some Nights” -Fun.

“This Head I Hold” –Electric Guest

“Pretty Little Heart” –Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne

“The Devil Takes Care of His Own” –Band of Skulls

“Lake Michigan” –Rogue Wave

“Charlie Brown” –Coldplay

“Anna Sun” –Walk the Moon

“Pelican” –The Maccabees

“Little Black Submarines” –The Black Keys


turkey bacon, egg white & cheddar breakfast sandwich

15 Jun

I have an obsession.. an expensive one. Fuckin’ Starbucks. Like the only place on Earth that will charge you $5 for a small coffee. But whatever, it’s a fact. I love it, and I will totally dish out $10 every morning for their reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich and a teeny-tiny iced coffee. Well, I will until it comes to that point in between paychecks where I have $3 to last me 6 days. Bills, don’t you just hate ’em? Remember when your parents used to pay for everything?? The glory days, people. Anyway, I had to figure out a way to still be able to eat my favorite breakfast sandwich while keeping my electricity on.. oh, heyyy make it at home! Super easy, and just as delish!


Turkey Bacon, Egg White & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich a la Starbucks

1 whole wheat English muffin

2 egg whites (the whites from 2 eggs… sounds weird)

1 slice of white cheddar cheese

1-2 slices of turkey bacon

Heat a small skillet over medium-high heat. Put the bacon in the skillet and cook it til it’s crispy, flipping it regularly. I go for about 3-4 minutes on each side, but I like my bacon crispyyyy. Remove the bacon and place it on a napkin lined plate. You can either rinse your skillet or pull out a new one, I usually just scrape mine clean real quick. Throw your English muffin in the toaster.

Put your egg whites in the skillet over medium heat and scramble them to your desired consistency.

Assemble! I do English muffin, cheddar cheese slice, egg whites, topped with bacon, topped with other half of ol’ English. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter how you put it together, it’s going to taste just as good. Try a variety of toppings as well! Sometimes I add hot sauce, sometimes I add spinach. Enjoy!


PS- Aren’t my new plates prettttty?? Charlie’s aunt and uncle sent them to us for an engagement gift! I loooove them!


PPS- Have any of ya’ll been watching Girls on HBO?? Please tell me Shoshanna kills you. Last week when she was talking  about… “my nutrition teacher, who’s like soo cool, met her boyfriend on, who’s like super cute & totally perf & they’re like the most happy together” bahahahaha! If you don’t watch it, you don’t know what I’m talking about and you need to watch it like… NOW.

street tacos

13 Jun

Our AC went out. If you happen to live anywhere near us (south Texas), you know that AC is imperative to survival during our blistering summers. So here I sit, in my bathing suit, chugging ice water and sitting directly under the ceiling fan…waiting for help to arrive! Seriously, our house feels like the fires of Hell.

Needless to say, cooking last night was absolutely miserable. I vaguely remember telling Charlie that I wanted to kill him with my bare, sweaty hands. Luckily, these tacos came out amazing and were totally worth it!

    Street Tacos

1.5 lbs of skirt or flank steak
1 cup of orange juice
1/2 Tbs minced garlic
Adobo seasoning
sea salt and pepper
tortillas (most people like corn, I personally despise corn tortillas. I used flour)

chopped onion
chopped cilantro
crumbled queso fresca
sliced avocado
fresh squeezed lime juice

First let me say, the traditional way to make these is on the grill. However, it’s the NBA finals, and we don’t have an outdoor TV…so…

Cut the steak into thin strips. Place it in a bowl or a ziploc bag and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and Adobo. Pour the orange juice over the steak and add the garlic. Cover and place in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Once you’re ready to start cookin’, heat up a large skillet over medium-high heat. Place the steak strips in the skillet and cook til brown.

Warm up the tortillas and fill them with steak. Top with chopped onion, cilantro, and crumbled queso fresca. Squeeze lime slices over the top and you’re done! Enjoy!




super easy BBQ pulled pork

5 Jun

I personally LOVE pork. I love pork chops, I love carnitas, and I LOVE pulled pork. It’s so simple and easy, but so incredibly delicious! This is a recipe that I grabbed from Pinterest and tweaked a bit a couple weeks ago; it turned out amazing, and my house smelled so. freakin’. good.

BBQ Pulled Pork

2 – 2.5 lb boneless pork loin roast

2 tsp liquid smoke (trust me, a little goes a LONG way! I used the Hickory flavor)

garlic powder to taste

sea salt to taste

Adobo to taste

2 tsp vinegar

1-2 cups BBQ sauce of choice (I always use Sweet Baby Ray’s!)

Trim the pork loin of all fat. Place it in your slow cooker, add the liquid smoke, and sprinkle with garlic powder, vinegar, sea salt & Adobo. Cover, and set to Low for 7-8 hours or High for 5-6 hours. Once you’re high on pulled pork fumes, take the pork loin out of the slow cooker and place it in a bowl. Reserve about half a cup to a cup of the liquid from the slow cooker, and drain the rest. Use two forks (or whatever utensil you want) to shred the pork and place it back in the slow cooker.


Pour the reserved liquid and the BBQ sauce over the pork, and let cook for another hour. And, done!


You could use this pork for a number of things: topping for pizza, pulled pork tacos, or you can do it like we did, and make sandwiches with it! Or… just eat it straight out of the slow cooker with a fork, which is my favorite way to eat this one 🙂 Enjoy!