super easy BBQ pulled pork

5 Jun

I personally LOVE pork. I love pork chops, I love carnitas, and I LOVE pulled pork. It’s so simple and easy, but so incredibly delicious! This is a recipe that I grabbed from Pinterest and tweaked a bit a couple weeks ago; it turned out amazing, and my house smelled so. freakin’. good.

BBQ Pulled Pork

2 – 2.5 lb boneless pork loin roast

2 tsp liquid smoke (trust me, a little goes a LONG way! I used the Hickory flavor)

garlic powder to taste

sea salt to taste

Adobo to taste

2 tsp vinegar

1-2 cups BBQ sauce of choice (I always use Sweet Baby Ray’s!)

Trim the pork loin of all fat. Place it in your slow cooker, add the liquid smoke, and sprinkle with garlic powder, vinegar, sea salt & Adobo. Cover, and set to Low for 7-8 hours or High for 5-6 hours. Once you’re high on pulled pork fumes, take the pork loin out of the slow cooker and place it in a bowl. Reserve about half a cup to a cup of the liquid from the slow cooker, and drain the rest. Use two forks (or whatever utensil you want) to shred the pork and place it back in the slow cooker.


Pour the reserved liquid and the BBQ sauce over the pork, and let cook for another hour. And, done!


You could use this pork for a number of things: topping for pizza, pulled pork tacos, or you can do it like we did, and make sandwiches with it! Or… just eat it straight out of the slow cooker with a fork, which is my favorite way to eat this one 🙂 Enjoy!


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