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celebrating 26!

24 Sep

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. We celebrated during the week with dinner and drinks at La Gloria, which ended up being an awesome time! I couldn’t figure out what I felt like doing on Saturday, but we finally decided we would head to Austin for the night to spend time with my brother and sister.

Since Charlie had to work Saturday and I didn’t, my parents picked me up and took me to lunch before we headed out to the lake house for a day on the boat! We decided that the dogs would really love the boat so we brought them with us… not so much. We ended up having to pull up to the beach outside our house so my dad could jump off the boat and carry both Juneau and Scout to shore.. hilarious to say the least!

Charlie got off work and met us at Myron’s Prime Steakhouse in New Braunfels where I had the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. Easily. I got the 8 oz. filet (Oscar style, because I’m a crab whore), and ate every single bite. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it! I also recommend going extremely hungry, because you will be sad if you have to leave anything on your plate!

After dinner, we said goodbye to my parents and got on the road to Austin. Charlie got us a room at the Hilton Austin downtown. It ended up being the perfect location because the bar where my brother works (The Aquarium on 6th) was only a 3 minute walk away! And ladies, you know when you’re walking in stilettos that every minute matters. We met up with my sister and headed to 6th for a few drinks!


I love Austin, I truly do. I love the diversity, the music, the people…what I don’t love is traffic and pedestrians with death wishes, but I guess you have to give and take right?

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early. The Dallas Cowboys kicked off at noon and Charlie wanted to take me by the outlets to pick up my birthday present before we went back to San Antonio.


Ta-daaaaa!!! He listens! He listens! He loves me! ;);) I’ve been eyeing this Michael Kors watch online, in magazines, online some more, on other peoples’ wrists, for months! I spent our drive home coming up with outfits to wear it with.. weird, I know.

All in all, my birthday was awesome! I was so glad to get some quality time in with my parents, my siblings, and Charlie of course. Thanks to everyone for making this birthday one of my best yet!!

Also, the COWBOYS WON!!! It was an ugly, ugly game but a W is a W!

We had some friends over and cooked out after the game to celebrate! The burgers (turkey for me, beef for all the sweaty men in my house) came out delicious and the weather was perfect. Hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as we did!

Aldo manning the pit!

Now, back to the grind! Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Birthday outfit:


Lime green racerback – Victoria’s Secret (this is totally a work out top and I kind of just wore it out..)

Black lace bralette – Victoria’s Secret

Leopard skirt – Forever 21

Necklace – Express

You can’t see my shoes but they are adorable black peep toes 🙂 That is all! Byeee!


the big 26

21 Sep

Another year, another birthday. Is it just me, or does it seem like as soon as you hit 18 time starts flying at breakneck speed? When you’re younger, you can’t wait for all of these huge, momentous occasions. Turning 16 and getting your license, turning 18 and becoming an “adult” (I use that term loosely, because I definitely didn’t become an adult until about halfway through 25), turning 21 and getting your beer card.. then what? Most days, I don’t even feel like a mid-twentysomething. I feel like I could totally transport back to 2005 and relive my senior year from start to finish. Then I remember that my hangovers last 2-3 days and vodka makes me vom. What other age is there to look forward to? I mean, 30 is right around the corner, it will basically be here in 15 seconds. These were the thoughts that were going through my mind the day before I turned 26 (which happened to be on Wednesday). So I did what any girl would do…called my mom and cried like a baby, and then went for a run.

My mom and running are my two favorite stress relievers. My mom has a way of making me realize  how blessed I am without making me feel stupid for hiccuping and sniffling over the phone for 35 minutes. A nice, long run gives me time to put everything in perspective…plus I refuse to cry while running. That’s just weird and there are way too many people outside.

By the end of my mid-20-something-crisis, I realized that I’m not very good at enjoying the “here and now”. I’m GREAT at planning and looking forward to things and getting overly excited, but once the event or whatever takes place, I don’t take the same time to enjoy it that I did to plan it.

Basically, I came to the realization that I need to chill the fuck out and smell the roses. 25 was a crazy, wild, insane year. I got engaged, I got promoted, I finally got to introduce Charlie to my whole family (they live in New York, we live in Texas…it took some planning), I helped one of my best friends welcome her beautiful son into the world (shoutout Raymond!), my nephew (who can now say my name and it sounds so sweet) and sister in law moved to San Antonio… all in all, it was one Hell of a year and I think 26 will be even better! Plus, it didn’t hurt that I got to ring in my new year with a couple of my best friends 🙂 Charlie got a group of us together and we all went for dinner and drinks at La Gloria, such fun times!

ImageFlowers from some of my besties 🙂 Thanks again Sarah, Alicia & Ari!! Ya’ll are the best!


Sarah and I outside of La Gloria


We had some visitors 🙂 These ducks actually bit Sarah.. twice. 


Tres leches with a candle! Oh and the man of my dreams 🙂


If you aren’t double-fisting a blue margarita and a michelada on your birthday, I don’t know who you are.