tuesday tags & mozilla firefox

6 Nov

Holy mother, can you believe it’s already November?! It feels like just yesterday that Charlie and I were falling (literally) all over the dance floor and having the time of our lives on New Year’s Eve…and now…November. It just doesn’t seem right! Probably because it’s still 80 degrees outside. But what can ya do? The holidays are upon us!

Last week, my company held our annual costume contest. We are a software development company, and the costumes are usually pretty funny and right on theme with the work that we do. This year, I chose to dress up as Mozilla Firefox (as in the web browser).



Hehehe…While my costume may have been lost on strangers during trick or treating with my godson and his big brother, my coworkers got it! 🙂 Unfortunately… I lost to an oompa loompa. Is there no justice in this world? After work, I went to my best friend’s house to go trick or treating with her little ninja turtles!



…Seriously? How cute are they??? They kill me! Okay, on to the Tuesday Tags!

“I’m Amazed” –My Morning Jacket

“Three Marlenas” –The Wallflowers (throwback ya’ll!)

“Norwegian Wood” –The Beatles (what what? throwback x2!)

“Queen of California” –John Mayer

“Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” –Counting Crows

“The Pretender” –Jackson Browne

“Work Around It” –Them Swoops

“Land of Hope and Dreams” –Bruce Springsteen (I have a special place in my heart for Bruce. His voice just screams “America” to me.)

“Follow Me” -Muse

“This Ladder is Ours” –The Joy Formidable

I will leave you guys with a very sweet picture of Bella.


Awww, cuddle bug 🙂


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