zz ward – til the casket drops album review & favorite lyrics

20 Nov

In lieu of Tuesday Tags this week… I’m focusing on ZZ Ward’s new album Til the Casket Drops. Why, you ask? Because that’s all I’ve been listening to, literally, for over a week straight. I cannot get enough! This chick is like Adele if Adele wore leather and rode around on motorcycles smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey out of a flask and shit. Or if Adele and Amy Winehouse had a baby. Basically, AMAZING.

This album has everything I look for in a song, in every song. The lyrics are pure genius. So instead of actually reviewing each song -since I obviously think they are all the best song in the world- I’m just going to put some of my favorite lyrics from each.. I’m such a lyrics person you guys. Said every preteen girl ever. Anyway, here we go!

1. Til the Casket Drops

The moon was just a sliverLight was fading
The war was on its wayAnd we were waiting
You asked me, how long I’d stay by your side
And so I answeredWith only just one reply
‘Til the casket drops

2. Put the Gun Down

I got ten fingers to the sky,
My back to the wall, my white flag high
Hair, lips, just like a gun,
She’s got silver bullets on her tongue

3. Blue Eyes Blind

All I know is you pull me through, 
I don’t wanna see nothing if I ain’t seeing you, 
You’re the yellow stars up in my silver sky, 
You are a ray, ray, you even make my blue eyes blind, 
All of the lights went down when you came with me, 
Now there’s a million diamonds that I just can’t see

4. Home

I’m crazy, I get mean, 
But baby, you adore me, 
Shut it down, I get mine, 
My soldier right by side, 
My fire, you feed it, 
Give it to me when I need it, 
I’m all yours, so take me, 
Good God, this love’s amazing

5. Cryin’ Wolf (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Breaking my door down when I left the lock open, 
There ain’t much left to be broken, 
Your flies are wet, then you’re soaking, 
It’s like the devil just jumped up in your clothes, 
He put on your shoes and rolled

6. Save My Life

Cut me out from the cold,
This young heart is getting old,
Save my life, set me free,
Yes or no is all I need,
You don’t want me, darling, let me know,
Just say goodbye and I’ll go

7. Last Love Song

Take these roses and this Jameson, oh no,
Find a subway that I can sit in, oh no,
Buy a one-way out of this city,
Everything that I need, got it with me

8. Lil Darlin (ft. The O’Mys)

Oh, please, please, please, 
Quit dragging my heart through them coals, 
Oh, please, please, please, 
Stop trying to fix it ’cause, baby, it’s broke, 
When it’s late at night and you call me, 
‘Cause I’ve got another man fixing my blues, 
You should never, never worry ’bout nothing, baby, 
‘Cause I’ll never love someone new the way I love you

9. Move Like You Stole It

The world ain’t ending, but it might as well be,
I’ll rock you like the sea,
Buildings ain’t crumblin’, but they might as well be,
So let’s not think and just,
Move like you stole it

10. Criminal (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

I toss and turn, got the sheets untucked, 
You broke right in, yeah, you stole, you took, 
With dirty fingerprints, you no-good crook, 
You shatter my heart like a Tiffany glass, 
I knew from the start he was a thief in a mask, 
And now I’m alone, cleaning up his mess, 
There ain’t nothin’ left, 
He’s just a criminal

11. If I Could Be Her

She’s got her daddy’s credit card
I play for dollars down on Diamond Boulevard
If I had her heels on I would never do you wrong
She treats you like a patient
With the lies she’s got you on

12. Charlie Ain’t Home

I dig my fingertips into your back,
Till the pictures break and the floorboards crack,
Oh, my tongue is a silver key,
Swimmin’ deep in a sinner’s sea

13. 365 Days

Drop your keys from six stories, 
Shout out, “It’s raining green,”
Don’t tell lies in heaven or an angel will get mean, 
Diamonds and white gold watches, 
Watch how fast they will soar, 
You always said you wanted to give back to the poor

Now that it’s very obvious that I wasn’t lying about listening to this album on repeat, I suggest you go download it! 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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