In a Nutshell

Hola! My name is Trystan. I’m 25 years old and I live in San Antonio, Texas–the land of salsa, guacamole, and the Riverwalk. I’m originally from a little town outside of Corpus Christi called Portland. As a kid, I came to San Antonio almost every weekend to watch my dad play lacrosse. Some of my best memories have been in San Antonio, and moving here for school was an incredibly smooth transition. I love the rich culture here, it’s everywhere. By everywhere, I mean there were mariachis at my college graduation. Like…everywhere.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations from UTSA (GO ROADRUNNERS!! MEEP MEEP!) and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with it. For now, I work at a software development company as a project/support specialist.

I currently live with my amazing fiance/handyman/taste tester Charlie and our 3 beasts: Bubba, Meila, & our escape artist Bella (not Twilight Bella.. Bella as in Bellatrix LeStrange…the name suits her fabulously).




Bellatrix.. you little shit ❤

Charlie’s sister recently moved to San Antonio with her son, Ray. He is the love of both of our lives! It has been so awesome having them so close to us; watching him grow up is such a crazy, wild, INSANE experience! He changes every single day. I cannot wait to see who he grows up to be!

Ray & I in South Padre - 2011

Our future quarterback..

feeding me fishies at our softball game












I love my dogs, my incredibly awesome and supportive family and friends, any and all live music, reading, hiking, biking, being outdoors, and last but certainly not least, the beach. I live for the beach and summertime.. I may also live for margaritas.


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