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tuesday tags (and the things)

30 Oct

Halloween Part I, complete! I love when Halloween falls in the middle of the week, because you essentially get two weekends worth of costumed debauchery. This past Saturday, Charlie and I went to a triple birthday/costume party at his cousin Becca’s house.

She did it right, ya’ll! There were decorations and finger food..not to mention a Dos XX keg and a margarita machine. Dos-a-ritas anyone? Yes please. Kegstands? Alright, fine. Everyone got super into it with their costumes! I loved it! Charlie and I dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2:


It was a little cold, so I was thankful that I was showing absolutely NO skin! Haha, the perks of getting older 😉


I got the iron-on Thing 1 and Thing 2 transfers from Top Iron Ons.. they have a HUGE selection and they arrived super quick. For the rest of my costume, I got my red leotard and capri leggings from American Apparel. My tutu is from Party City. My boot covers are totally homemade and lasted only as long as the party did! haha The wig and tophat were Amazon finds and they were both super cheap (that wig itched like hell though).


All in all, our costumes were a hit! On Wednesday, we have a costume contest at my office. Since I can’t bring Charlie to work with me (unfortunately, because I think that would be fun), I had to come up with a different costume. Stay tuned for the big reveal 😉

On to the good stuff! This week’s Tuesday Tags:

“Mushaboom” –Feist

“Stubborn Love” –Lumineers

“Sultans of Swing” –Dire Straits

“Champion” –The Chevin

“Get Gone” –White Arrows

“Optimistic” –Radiohead

“Waiting” –The Whigs

“The Underdog” -Spoon

“I Want You To (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To)” –Weezer

That’s all for today!